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Brief Introduction:
Microwave sterilizing & drying machine is a multi-pipe tunnel mode, which can be divided into horizontal . It adopts our companys many patent technologies, such as PLC controlling system, upending and stirring mechanism, and anti-sliding mechanism etc. Over 90% surfaces of the machine are made of stainless steel. Its core electronic components are imported with original packing. The machine is mainly composed of electric-heating pre-heated oven, microwave heater, microwave suppresser, blower and dehumidifier monitoring system, mechanical drive mechanism, and pioneer PLC automatic control. Microwave heater consists of several units of heating boxes. The whole machine adopts modular design, resulting in convenient cleaning, installation, disassembly, inspection and repair.


Sterilization temperature of Microwave sterilization machinery is low, the time is short, nutritional components maintain good effect. Generally speaking, the traditional sterilization method should be at least over 100℃, and it takes a long time, ranging from 10 to dozens of minutes.

The microwave sterilization equipment does not need preheating, the sterilization cycle is short, the speed is fast, the consistency is high, can simultaneously sterilize the whole table of sterilized materials, the temperature is 70~90℃, the time is short, generally 3-5 minutes, effectively avoid the impact of long time heating on food quality.

Microwave sterilization equipment can achieve the best results for materials that need to be sterilized while maintaining color, flavor and taste.

For example, in the sterilization of skim milk, the traditional ultra-high temperature sterilization can make the milk keep longer, but the quality of milk is greatly reduced.Microwave sterilization equipment can replace the traditional ultra-high temperature sterilization, which can not only extend the shelf life of milk, but also color, taste, nutrient loss is less, so microwave sterilization is an excellent alternative to skim milk ultra-high temperature sterilization.

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